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Key Skills:

- Recently i have worked with Linq to sql, Entity framework, "old school" 3 layer DB structure and ORM. Everything depends on how each system is built and which technology is used. Furthermore i have worked with paging and optimizing. If you use Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server can you control the source code by having different brances etc., where other developers can merge to and from main to get the newest updates, before you check in own code. If you work with databases a lot you should never use try{} catch{/*throw;*/} because if an error occures you did not predict it would be hard to find it and correct it. You would probably wonder why the code runs fine in the local environment but when it is uploaded to the server nothing happens. Furthermore if you work with MasterPages and QueryString parameters you should validate everything that comes in due to you can never be sure what comes in etc. javascript injections, which gives an oppurtunity to read a clients cookies etc.

- During my career as developer, I have gained experience with development of large systems, for example to avoid redundancy and to write some algorithms in user-controls. The environment is a typical development environment, beyond that there are test environment and what user actually sees. Large projects can have multiple solutions, which use each other, etc. cache server, a solution with classes wich used in an ORM, where you can access a DB. That way you avoid sql every time you need to access a database. ORM generator is used whenever you change the database. Another example where i used svn to commit / update new code, but there are other good open source applications you can use depending on what is used in the company. In some cases where you need a search function or list data from the DB you can use the repeater, if you want to have your own styling, however, the paging part must be implemented if you want a little more advanced than paging in .net framework. Besides it is GridView, if you do not devote much attention to styling or listview if you want to use Microsoft .NET implementation, which appeared in 3.5 Framework, and want styling too. Some pages that must contain multi languages, you can create an addin for VS, which is stored in a table. That way you will always be able to add more languages to the site being developed for.

- 16th June 2011 I have completed Bachelor of Software Development at the School of Aarhus. During the training I have worked with databases, evidence code, system integration, large systems, testing and project management disciplines.

- In the database course, I have worked with TSQL, denormalization, indexing, tuning of databases, concurrency issues and transactions, fulltext search. Furthermore, I also worked with mathematical proofs of codes to ensure quality in complex algorithms. An example might be that you have a pre and post condition, as one expects in an algorithm, but what it also is mathematically proven. During the course system integration, I have worked with different patterns and component based systems to work together. I have also worked with performance during the course large systems, quality assurance, monitoring, and a different way of thinking (scalability), which can be found in the book(The art of scalability). During testing, I have worked with test plans, exploratory testing, unit testing, automated, scripted, etc. In the project management subject, I have obtained a glimpse of what it means to work in a large project and have all stakeholders who understands and accepts the goal and strive for a successful project.

- During my internship I have been at Skejby hospital KBA IT group, which I had to develop a billing system. The program was written in VB, which had to talk with an Oracle database client application LABKA and work with a mssql database. I've worked extensively with TSQL, stored procedures, transactions, triggers, cursors and functions. For example. where a dynamic number of parameters to a procedure was used. I've used UML 2.2 to model the important diagrams.

- During the main task, we have worked with Online Medier ApS. We needed to developed a CRM system that should be web based. The system was not a finished project since we had a total of 2 months, but the prototype was a success for us in the group because we had learned new things, used theory from our PBA training courses, and the result was a 10-grade(B). An example may be the calendar, where you create agreements, there may be 53 weeks when it is leap year, but does it mean something when you are on Christmas break in Week 53 anyway? It has huge meaning how a system will behave in a particular time and how the data is stored in the database, which will be displayed in any GUI. Another example is if you build up a contract and you want to save it in your database, you will never be sure that it will added or deleted easily with new parameters if new product appears. We can develop a dynamic solution by inserting all parameters in one column of a type which separates the parameters using a ';'. Instead of makeing major changes in both the database and the client application, you simply insert the extra parameter with a ';'. It is therefore important thinking about some problem domains eliminating uncertainties, before you sit down and write the first version of the application.

- In November 2008 I had finished my computer science education in Herning. During the education I have worked with Java, C #,, Ajax, Javascript, MySql, MSSQL, encryption, security, and XML technologies. With regard to databases I have worked with ODBC/Tsql and Stored Procedures and have much experience within the topic.

- In my specialization project I have worked for NetDesign A/S in Aarhus, we developed a spyware client. Furthermore, we have developed a renting system for Camping Forum in Kibæk for our main assignment. It means I have primarily worked with Java and C# as development language, but I have concerned myself with the security of databases when a database is an "easy target to attack.

- I have furthermore worked with UP, AUP, FDD, SCRUM and XP development methodologies. Around the modeling part, I have worked with UML 2.0, which I have a great experience with when 1 / 3 of the education was to learn to model using traditional UP method. I have an ability to learn things that interest me, quickly, such as C# 4.0, which offers many opportunities and is very dynamic development language.

- I like to work in teams, then we can help each other, resulting in faster solutions for a specific problem. But everything depends on which development method is used in the company.

- At the moment I'm studying at the School of Aarhus (Erhvervsakademi Århus) as bachelor in software development. I enjoy my studies because we have the opportunity to go in depth with some of the subjects we have had on computer science education. You can read which subjects we have been taught at here.


- In my sparetime I spend lots of time with friends when there is time for it. We tend to grill, play soccer, workout in the fitness center to keep us in shape. We also go to concerts, we always get a good experience together.

- I really like music and I play guitar and sing. Besides it I spend my time with my girlfriend, family, friends and football. I also like to cook, so it is often me who is in charge of cooking. Therefore, my girlfriend and I have very pleasant evenings and romantic dinners.

- I sit "often" at the computer. I play games and develop websites. The project, I'm going through now is that I develop. Since the page is not fully developed yet, it must be optimized and search engine optimized.

- When I bought an aquarium for my mom for Christmas, I was instantly in love with fish and decided to have an aquarium myself. Having an aquarium requires a lot of attention, because you need to care about the creatures and plants and also ensure that tank is clean and any mechanical systems are functioning properly. But it does not matter because it suits my personality. You can find some pictures of my aquarium here.


2011 Worked as webdeveloper for Scannet 3 months

2011 Worked as webdeveloper for D4R 3 months

2009 - 2010 Web Development / Programming in C # and 1 years.

2004 to 2008 Waiter - 4 years experience student job

2007 textile worker 2 months experience student job

2006 Warehouse 2 months work experience student job


  • (2010-2011) Bachelor in software development in Århus – 1,5 years
  • (2006-2008) Computer education in Herning - 2.3 years
  • (2005-2006) HHX in Ringkøbing - 1 year
  • (2002-2005) HTX in Skjern - 3 years
  • Courses:

  • IT security
  • - Firewall / IDS

    - Phishing

    - Spyware / Malware (Monitoring)

    - Hacking

    - Virus / Adware

    - Encryption

    - User-friendliness and design

    - Test

    - Exploratory test

    - Scripted test

    - Automated test og TDD

    - Databases

    - tSql

    - optimization/locking hints

    - Scalability of huge systems

    - Project management

    - System integration


    - Danish; fluent

    - English; fluent

    - Bosnian; fluent

    - German; only the basic skills


    - Danish;

    Used development platforms:

    - Eclipse 3.4.1

    - Visual Studio 2008 - Professional Edition

    - Visual Studio 2010 - Ultimate Edition

    - 2.0, 4.0, cronjob

    - MySql

    - Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Express

    - Microsoft SQL Server 2008: Express

    - SQL Server Management Studio/Profiler

    - MySql Workbench 5.2 CE

    - MySql .net connector 6.3.6

    - Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

    - Office Visio 2007

    - Office Project 2007

    - Office Project 2010

    - Office Access 2010 to administrate db

    - Windows Server 2008

    - Firebug and Bugzilla

    - CTE XL

    - NUnit 2.5.10

    - MSTest – microsoft’s solution in unit test

    - Filezilla

    - AJAX Extensions


    - Notepad++

    - Tortoise SVN

    - ORM Generator

    Other: Driving license B, has car

    Birthday Date: 08/02/1985

    Status: Not married, no children

    Clean criminal history: Document is available upon request







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